Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Visite bei den NDB

Ich habe den neu erworbenen Perseus SDR heute mal an eine Behelfsantenne gehängt und durch den NDB-Bereich geschaut:

311,0 kHz * NSN * Niederstetten/Main-Tauber-Kr.* A2A * -94 dBm
327,0 kHz * LNZ * Linz/Donau * A2A * -97 dBm
355,0 kHz * KNG * Bad König/Odw. * A2A * -82 dBm
362,0 kHz * BZO * Bozen/Südtirol * A2A * -97 dBm
370,0 kHz * PSA * Spessart * A2A * -75 dBm
382,0 kHz * SBG * Salzburg * A2A * -97 dBm
426,0 kHz * GBG * Gleichenberg/Steiermark * A2A * -92 dBm
452,0 kHz * ANS * Ansbach/Mfr. * A2A * -94 dBm
488,0 kHz * ILM * Illesheim/Mfr. * A2A * -86 dBm
(Alle CW-Kennungen identifiziert)

Bye bye, RCI Sackville

A few days ago, I have read that dismantling of the former Radio Canada International transmitting site in Sackville has started. Those are sad news - as a lot of news dealing with shortwave broadcasting in the last years.

I remember to have heard RCI (CBC then) Sackville for the first time in 1963. In 1965, I joined the Radio Canada Shortwave Club then listening to the CBC transmissions on a regular basis. When my family and I spent our holidays in August 1999 in Québec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia we visited the Sackville transmitter site where we were friendly welcomed by a young RCI employee who was an excellent guide.

Now, all these things have gone. The afterglow of decades of radio listening is the only thing to remain ...

Sackville 1999: Me in front of the transmitter site.

Sackville 1999: Access road to the transmitter building (backgrou8nd left)

My son Uwe and I in front of the Sackville RCA transmitter.

Early QSL card confirming a transmission from Sackville.

Membership certificate of RCSWC.

Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

Starting soon ...

The very last day of my working life is close now, it will be Wednesday, November 21st. It is my intention to start then this blog on a regular basis. This blog as well as my corresponding Twitter account @DB4IW will be bilingual - German and English. Stay tuned! Comments will always be welcome.